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Two thousand twelve-thirteenths Liverpool's pre season 3rd in the season friendlies in Baltimore's m-code begin has begun,cheap fifa 14 coins Bell front steals the breakthrough goal after Jamie Carragher out of the bottom line. 6 minute, Stewart Downing cross from the right break, drawing a curve ball on the far post column. After 12 minutes, Downing left after cutting inside blast into Fridel wants. After 2 minutes, Chervy 25-yard shot was confiscated by Fridel. Spurs ' 16th minute almost broke, Aaron Lennon passes, Kane area wipe the far post angle column 10 yards out on the right side. After 20 minutes, Bell's breakthrough was injured by chaliyadang shovel, Home Page after treatment and return to competition, Liverpool on 29 minutes after a missed opportunity, Spearing zhichuan, Morgan area 12 yards down on the left side of the successful anti-offside single shot Fridel jinjiao-bashing. Tottenham Hotspur 42 minutes and rub shoulders with goals, Belle right foot crossing area on the upper left corner, strike buladeqiongsi fight Club fail, Leon small area right jinjiao JC Penney hit column, close-range rebound. 44 minutes, Bell's cross from the left, Sigurdsen lacks power header into buladeqiongsi wants. Both sides failed to draw each other in the second half of the first half, Liverpool rotations of 5 people, Henderson substitute appearances, Tottenham Hotspur has also replaced the Bell with minor injuries. On 47 minutes, Henderson shot was blocked off by Fridel, Joe Cole missed to make up shot opportunities. The 55 minute, Skrtel midfielder to break several people out of the edge of the box shot confiscated by Fridel. On 61 minutes, Gerrard and 6 substitute appearances, Borigni replaced Joe Cole. Spurs even for 4 people, Sigurdsen was substituted. On 67 minutes, hadesitong pass, Gallas steal in front of Gulacs shot out for 71 minutes, Carroll replacement aikelaisidun appearance. The 74 minute, Henderson cross from the right, Borigni away volley a volley missed the ball. William Tong Heng substitute William Gallas who fouls. After 76 minutes, bassoon foul penalty yellow card against Stirling. On 82 minutes, 25-yard free kick shot directly above the Kane. The 86 minute, Gerrard, Adam Smith was punished foul yellow card.